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SSDM Winners of the Awareness Campaign Award

Author image Published by Sue Johns-Chapman
Published Date 19.05.2022

Bosch ADS 525X Awareness Campaign 

SSDM, a performance-based agency of 25 employees, is focused on delivering measurable outcomes. Celebrating our 14th year in 2022, the agency is closing in on $10 million in annual sales. Precision targeting and messaging comprise the foundation of our campaign work, primarily for B2B clients like Bosch, although our largest client – a portfolio of senior-living communities – is actually B2C.

With a marketing-first approach and experts and expertise in search, social, lead generation, data analysis and strategy development, SSDM is a nationally recognized industry leader, the 2019 Interactive Marketing Association’s Best Small Interactive Agency, 2020 U.S. Social Media Award winner, Crain’s 2020 Cool Places to Work awardee, 2021 National Best + Brightest award winner, and Metro Detroit Best + Brightest for the past three years.

Bosch is a highly technical, global engineering company. For decades, its components have been in every vehicle on the road, and recently, its Automotive Diagnostics Systems (ADS) and tools have changed the playing field for automotive technicians everywhere.

Auto shop diagnostic equipment has been in place for decades, and as our cars have gotten more technically complex, monitoring their systems has become a science. The original shop systems provided vast database information, but were not Internet-enabled, necessitating that a technician use two systems to get all the needed information.  Bosch, a world leader in electronics, recognized the extreme benefit that would come from a system that integrated the Internet.

Our job was to help them gain awareness of the Internet-enabled ADS 525X within a pretty niche audience, promote brand engagement and ultimately, achieve conversion. Luckily, the Bosch brand is so universally known, it provided a good starting point. Our challenge was to make the case for a rather expensive shop-equipment replacement, versus an existing system update or upgrade.

We had 60 days and a very small budget, but, using display, video and remarketing campaign components, we delivered excellent results relative to the campaign KPIs, including a 10.3% click-through rate against a KPI of 0.72%, and 689 conversions, against a goal of 448!

SSDM is particularly proud of its U.S. Agency Award win, especially as it was in the Campaign Effectiveness category; this is an important ROI-based area where we have worked hard to excel.

Awards are a multi-purpose marketing bonus. The team already has done amazing work and achieved stellar results. The rest is storytelling … compelling storytelling. Each award has its own judging criteria, but if your campaign truly is award-worthy, the story should write itself. 

During the award info-gathering process, the team gets to relive its triumph, maybe providing even more and interesting details. Then, the actual win provides an encore for the team, doubling the satisfaction of a highly effective effort, and allowing everyone to bask in the glow of third-party recognition.

The effect of an award win stays with the team for a long time, as the accomplishment is noted in subsequent new-business presentations as a point of pride.

Often the award win warrants a press release, but if not, certainly newsletter, website and  email mentions help to elevate the agency profile and it’s great information to include in the agency boilerplate.SSDM is proud to have won awards not only for its campaign prowess, but also for its collaborative culture and its business success. When potential team-member candidates check out our website, they like to know they’re considering an agency that has a winning formula.

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